Two by Fifty Two // week 8 // double exposure

I am going to 'fess up now and admit that there has been a fair bit of youtube watching to learn how to do a double exposure this week. Double exposures is where you take 2 photos and they are superimposed over each other. This can be done in photo editing software or "in camera" which is what I have done. Double exposure photos are something that I have been seeing a lot of in some photography groups I am part of, and I have always been curious as to how they work. And that is the beauty of this weekly project, the push to explore themes and new techniques, to work a little outside of my comfort zone!

And to be brutally honest, I am not thrilled with the final result. But putting it into perspective, this is the first time I have even tried producing a double exposure. And shorty was not such a willing subject today so i just had to be happy with what I got (I tested her patience more than enough just to get this one!). So now I know how to do them I will have to keep practising them!

Make sure you head over to Bee's blog today, her double exposure photos are truly awesome!

Two by Fifty Two //week 7 // after dark

I put my kids to bed pretty early during the week. I am a big believer in the kids getting plenty of rest during the week (otherwise they are cranky and hard to put up with!). I am also a big believer in that once they are asleep it is MY time. To sit and have a cuppa. To watch some tv to unwind. To not be constantly interrupted. To spend time doing something purely for me. And to work on my little business. Many nights after dark you will find me sitting at my study nook, in front of my computer with its nice bright monitor (which is exactly what I am doing right now!).

Dont forget to head on over to Bee's blog and see her after dark image!