Lucy and Rich get hitched! - A styled wedding shoot

Lucy and Rich get hitched! - A styled wedding shoot

The Macedon Ranges is blessed to have a number of fabulous wedding vendors and one day last year I was day dreaming whilst I was at my day job and I thought to myself, why don't I bring together some of these crazy talented people and organise a styled wedding shoot. So I started chatting to some other businesses who were all super keen to join in and before I knew it I had 9 gorgeous businesses collaborating on this shoot! 

Donuts, dancing + adorable pets // Gisborne Family Photographer

Donuts, dancing + adorable pets // Gisborne Family Photographer

About 2 weeks prior to a family session I send out a little questionnaire and nicely ask mum to find 5 minutes to fill it out for me. It helps me to understand each family a bit better and gives me a good idea about what photos I will take on the day too.One of the questions I ask is what is one word that you would use to describe your family.

When 3 become 4 // Riddells Creek Family Photographer

I spent a lovely morning hanging out with this super cute little family a few weeks ago. They recently welcomed a very gorgeous little brother Harry. Nights for this little gentleman are still a little rocky, but lucky he is cute and when he smiles it is easy to forgive (and maybe even forget) those early hours of being awake. Big brother Thomas was particularly thrilled with the fact that he was allowed to jump on his parents bed, I think you will agree he made the most of that opportunity. 

Finding myself again

This time last week I was hanging out with a rad bunch of wedding photographers in Western Australia at Camp Common Folk. It was simultaneously one of the most terrifying and amazing experiences I have ever had. I was so far out of my comfort zone in so many ways I am not entirely sure how I did not spend the whole time in my room rocking back and forth (probably because there was not enough room in my bedroom to do that and I also knew that

Two by Fifty Two // week 9 // sun flare

I have had to dip back into my vault of photographs this week, I had planned to take the photo for this weeks challenge on Monday, but then life got in the way. I had a meeting that went far longer than I anticipated, but it was an amazing productive meeting so that is okay. But by the time we wrapped up shorty & skinny were both hungry and were in no mood to play nice for my camera. Oh well.

Two by Fifty Two // week 8 // double exposure

I am going to 'fess up now and admit that there has been a fair bit of youtube watching to learn how to do a double exposure this week. Double exposures is where you take 2 photos and they are superimposed over each other. This can be done in photo editing software or "in camera" which is what I have done. Double exposure photos are something that I have been seeing a lot of in some photography groups I am part of, and I have always been curious as to how they work. And that is the beauty of this weekly project, the push to explore themes and new techniques, to work a little outside of my comfort zone!

And to be brutally honest, I am not thrilled with the final result. But putting it into perspective, this is the first time I have even tried producing a double exposure. And shorty was not such a willing subject today so i just had to be happy with what I got (I tested her patience more than enough just to get this one!). So now I know how to do them I will have to keep practising them!

Make sure you head over to Bee's blog today, her double exposure photos are truly awesome!