This is a good place to find yourself! If you are here, it is because you have received your USB of photos and some printed goodies as well YAY

Your beautiful images deserve to be seen and not just on a computer screen. I use very good quality USB drives, but they are most certainly not fail safe and typically only have a 5 year life span (so make sure you back your photos up to a computer and an external hard drive as soon as you can). Also technology evolves  ...... anyone remember the floppy disk? The best way, and I think the nicest way, to preserve your photo so you can show them off to your grandchildren is to get them on paper. Not all print companies are created equal though, and I happen to be lucky enough to be working with the nicest and one of the most experienced print labs in Australia. The prints you received in your box were printed through this company. I highly recommend that if you would like some printing done that you consider ordering the prints through me. The quality of their paper and the inks that they use are outstanding and the prints (if treated nicely) will last many lifetimes.