Project 52 {17/52}

Its been another amazing week!

First there was the time that Fat Mum Slim used one of my photos of Skinny on her blog! That was pretty exciting.

We got to hang out with lots of friends and even got to feed twin black lambs (soooo cute)

One of my photos scored a feature on a photography blog (more about that in another blog post in a few days)

We picked out some pretty new chooks for our backyard, we will pick them up later in the week so no photos of them yet.

Unfortunately though, the holidays are over so it is back to school and work for us all tomorrow. I'm going to miss sleeping in!

Smith & Archer Photography {In his mothers arms}
Smith & Archer Photography {The dining table}
Smith & Archer Photography {Like mother, like daughter}
Smith & Archer Photography {Funshine, abandoned}
Smith & Archer Photography {Tired shorty}