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Over on facebook I am a member of several online photography groups, they are so important to me because they provide support and education. Most of them run weekly or monthly competitons and encourage members to submit photographs based around themes. I like entering these as they help me hone my skills and finding the pluck to submit the photos helps to push me outside of my comfort zone. I am pretty chuffed that I have scored 3 featured this week! It is always such a thrill and a honour to get my work recognised in this way.

 Finding the light with Erin Hensley - Window light

Over 270 photos were submitted for this theme and it is such a thrill that my image of shorty "have breakfast" was included in the top 27 (usually they have a top 10 only, but this month was the most submissions they have ever had!)

EXOH Blog - Weekly Feature

In Beauty & Chaos - Not Happy