Project 52 {7/52}

This week I managed to find a bit of time to take some photos! My heart and head are feeling a little better about that. A week where I do not take photos is not a great week for me.

I also got tagged on Instagram to share a #widn and it was my first time so I was pretty chuffed! The photo I uploaded for it is of the mess that Shorty left on her drawing table this week. With mum being away from home a lot for work, there has been a "relaxing" of the cleaning standards.

Smith & Archer Photography {Shorty's messy drawing corner}
Smith & Archer Photography {Even shorty's mess can be pretty with freelensing}
Smith & Archer Photography {The kids and their crazy socks}

Life unscripted also has a theme of weed for their weekly competition. On a walk today these pretty little weeds caught my eye. I did intend to photograph them in golden hour light (and I might try that tomorrow just because I want to!) but I got carried away with cleaning the house (!!!!!!!) and the sun had dipped below the mountain range by the time I got there. They were still pretty anyway without the golden light. I had decided that to add an extra layer of interest to the photograph I would do some more freelensing. I submitted the first photo for their theme, but I must admit I had a hard time choosing between the two.

Smith & Archer Photography {Weeds are just flowers growing where you don't want them}
Smith & Archer Photography {Weeds}