project 52 {14/52}

Thank goodness Spring arrived this weekend. I made the most of three days off in a row and got stuck into my (very neglected) garden. 

I am also including a few photos from a wedding I was an assistant/second shooter at last year. I know, strictly speaking, that I am bending the rules of the project 52, but I am so damn proud of these images I am going to include them anyway. Don't report me to the Project 52 police! A small note, the wedding photos were taken by me, but edited by the lovely Sharon from Ash & Elm Studio. Sharon has been kind enough to take me under her wing and teach me about wedding photography! 

I hope that you have had a lovely week too.

Smith & Archer Photography {After school snack sillies}
Smith & Archer Photography {My front door obstacle course}
Smith & Archer Photography {oh, hello}