Project 52 {11*12*13 and probably even 14/52}


If I could post an emoji here, it would be the embarrassed face one (I seem to use that one fairly regularly!)

In my defence, I was sick for a few weeks with man flu and did not even feel like picking up the camera to take photos, yes I was THAT sick. I have also been working heaps and heaps and heaps. Anyway I am just going to jam a few weeks all together to get back on track. 

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing a milestone birthday for a friend's nan. 90th birthday parties rock, I've been to 2 this year already!! And as usual, plenty of the kids and I even got the go ahead to post one of the husband. Major progress for him :)

Fingers crossed I stay on track now!

Smith & Archer Photography {The birthday girl wore head to toe purple}
Smith & Archer Photography {90th Birthday fun}
Smith & Archer Photography {Family photos}
Smith & Archer Photography {Skinny and his freckles}
Smith & Archer Photography {Shorty getting dressed}
Smith & Archer Photography {School bags that are never put away}
Smith & Archer Photography {The Mr, doing what he does best, fixing}