And I'm back!

OOOhhhh it has been a while since I last blogged, hasn't it?! Our trip to the Uk and France for Christmas and New Years was magnificent. A particular highlight was spending a week in beautiful Northern Wales with my husbands family. It rained A LOT, but we still managed to get out and explore the area. We stayed in a wonderful area of France, with plenty of snow and croissants. I love the croissants, not so much the snow but the rest of my family had a ball skiing and snowboarding every day. I managed to read an ENTIRE book in peace and quiet, so I call that a success. The highlight though was returning to Chateauroux, a town in France where we lived for six months. We have some wonderful friends there still and it was worth driving 3 hours out of way to spend the day with them.  I still have not edited the photos from our trip, I must admit I did not take that many with my camera, it was either too wet or snowing or just a pain to lug the big camera around.

A few weeks after we got back I started a full time contract teaching, so that required my full and undivided attention. But that has now (thankfully) finished and I can once again return my focus to Smith & Archer. I have lots of things to share with you, but for now I will leave you with my two favourite photos that I took on holidays. The first one is of Skinny after 12 hours of travelling and facing another 2 hours more. The second is early morning at Charles De Gaul Airport, taken from our hotel window right before hoping on a plane back home.