Two by Fifty two project // week 1 // light

Today marks the start of a new personal project, 2 by 52!

I know, I did not make it through my project 52 that I started last year, but I promise this 52 project is going to be different! For one I am doing it with another photographer who lives on the other side of the world (trying to find a time to schedule our posts was a logistical feat!). And I am accountable to her!

My partner in this project is the amazing lifestyle photographer Bee from Brittany Elizabeth Photography and she is based in Ontario, Canada. We are working from the same weekly shot list and we are excited to find the parallels in our photography as well as our lives even though we have never met and live in different hemispheres! 

The prompt for the first week is light, my photo is below. This is some  beautiful morning sunshine streaming in my bathroom window. My gorgeous climbing rose, that climbs all over my verandah, is casting some pretty shadows. It is winter down here, and we are having a proper cold and wet winter so bright sunlight streaming through my window is a lovely treat.

Head on over to Bee's blog to see her light photo too!