Two by Fifty two blog circle // june

The internet is a wonderful place!  There is so much information and it is such an amazing way to connect to people around the world with similar interested to yourself. I am fortunate to be part of a lovely supportive and mega talented group of lifestyle photographers, and it is in this group the seed was planted to organise international 2 by 52 projects. So whilst Bee and I are doing our own little self contained 2 by 52, there are also a whole heap of other photographer "couples" also doing their own 2 by 52! At the start of each month we will be  participating in a bog circle so you can see the highlights of each project that is happening!

For the bog circle I get to select my favourite photo that Bee has posted in the last month and explain why it is my favourite! For this month I chose her image for our first week, light! 

I love beautiful light that is also accompanied by beautiful shadows and I also love that these dinosaurs have been given their own seat at the table by her son, very cute!

This month I am linking to Ebonny, a lifestyle photographer based in America! Keep following the circle around to see all of the beautiful images we are creating.

Ali Bant4 Comments