Two by Fifty two // week 4 // self portrait

I think the prompt for this week could have easily been vulnerable. Well, at least for me anyway.

Like most other people, I feel incredible vulnerable in front of the camera (hence why I much prefer being behind it!). In every photo I can see ALL MY FAULTS (yeah, that did require capital letters); the different shaped eyes, the extra chins, the hair I never know how to style, the lumps and the bumps that I just hate looking at are all exacerbated in every photo. When someone says "Thats a lovely photo of you" I might smile and nod, but inside my head I am making all the arguments about why it is not a lovely photo BECAUSE I'm in it. 

But the thing I discovered today with taking my own portrait (once I talked myself into it), is that it really is about angles. And a lot of my insecurities are just in my head. Loving myself is something that I am really working on, but it honestly is going to take a while, I have had 37 years of not loving myself to move beyond

So here it is, my self portrait. With all my lumps, bumps and imperfections.

And you know what, I actually don't mind it.

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