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I’m Ali

I don’t know about you, but having my picture taken isn’t something that comes naturally to me. I’m not one to pop a hand on my hip and pose artfully like a celebrity; I’m more likely to be the one who is captured mid-laugh, or with a champagne glass halfway to my lips. But you know what? They’re the photos that I love the most—the ones where I’m ‘having a moment’—unscripted, unprompted, unposed. I probably don't remember what I was laughing at, but I certainly remember that I was having a good night with my friends.

Photographers often call ourselves storytellers and I LOVE stories – heck, the name Smith + Archer is after two my favourite authors Wilbur (Smith) and Jeffrey (Archer).

Family photography is how I got in to this business and I still occasionally take on clients for this, but weddings – they’re my favourite thing to photograph.


Why weddings?

Jess + Cameron-703.jpg

Why do I love photographing weddings? Because they’re those rare times in your life where a ‘vibe’ is palpable: where a group of people get together to celebrate love. Your love. Seriously, what could ACTUALLY be better than that?

I love a wedding couple who makes their wedding so unabashedly THEM! They do it their way, with details and inclusions that THEY think are important. It’s not about impressing guests; it’s about including them in what promises to be one hell of a party.

I love a country wedding most of all, being a country girl myself and how’s this for a fun fact? I have a degree in agricultural science! I understand life on the land. My happiest places: weddings in a backyard, a cute country hall, a tipi in the middle of a paddock or winery.

Weddings are a bunch of beautiful, tender and exciting moments, all woven together. Why do you hire a wedding photographer? To capture those blink-and-forget moments forever, especially the ones you didn’t see happen at all.

I catch them, you keep them forever.

Raven and the Rose-84.jpg
Relaxed urdban wedding

seen in

Dream wedding venues

The Estate Trentham
Emu Bottom Homestead
Euroa Butter Factory
Private Properties
Camp Sunnystones
The Barn Wallington
Aghadoe Estate
Melbourne Zoo