Print your photos!

Celeste makes a good (and funny) point! It is such a shame that 80% of couples do not print their photos.  You are investing in having a photographer capture your special day, please do no leave your gorgeous memories sitting on a USB. A photo is not a photo until it is printed ........  and technology is not designed to be forever (anyone still using floppy disks?!) good old paper has stood the test of time!

A stunning hand crafted album is the perfect way to print your photos and they will instantly become a true family heirloom. You will love pouring over your album and reflecting on your day, but just imagine how much your family, your kids, and even your grandkids will also adore the experience of holding a tangible memento of your day.


The albums

All of the features of our beautiful 10” x 10” custom layflat albums are designed to make them literally last lifetimes:

·       The albums are made here in Australia using traditional Italian book binding techniques

·       Choice of cover material between beautiful premium linen or vegan leather

·       Your names in gold foil on the front cover

·       Luxurious matte art paper that is simply gorgeous to touch

·       Your images printed with vibrant inks that penetrate deep into the paper for longevity

The (anything but) basic album

At the time of booking with me you have the option to add my (anything but) basic album for $1000. The basic album is a custom 10 x 10" layflat album with all of the features mentioned above. The ONLY reason it is nicknamed the basic album is that it has the minimum number of pages, 20 pages. Will that be enough pages for your album? Probably not. But you wont actually know how many pages you need until you have seen you photos!

How it works:
- At the time of booking all you need to decide is do you want a gorgeous heirloom of your special day? If the answer is YES (and it should be!) we add the basic package
- When your photos have been edited and sent to you I will ask you to select up to 80 images from your day that absolutely MUST be included in your album.
- I will then design your album for you and let you know how many pages it will be. Extra pages are just $50 each and naturally I will let you know the additional cost at the time too. You do get several rounds of revisions and if you have a budget to work to we can certainly work towards that too.
- Once you are happy with the design and the additional cost, we can start the process of ordering your album.

This all sounds great Ali, and we would really love an album ..but it is out of our budget

I have you covered here too! I have just started working with Album registry and I can set up a registry for your wedding. You can ask your guests to help purchase your wedding album as your wedding gift! If you would like some more details on setting up your own registry get in touch.